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Unilever - Procure to Pay Induction Film
Toureen Group - Welcome Video
Transport Film - DLR, Amey Keolis Promo
EventExtra promo
Public Sector - Camden CEO Speech
RSA Internal Comms CEO message
BMI awards promo
Virtual Studio Panel [teaser] - for Pharma Sector
DLR Documentary:  Our Story of the Games
Heinz - Change Management DVD
Live Satellite Broadcast Information
webcast & conference showreel

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While the full potential of video as an internal comms channel is yet to be unlocked by the majority of organisations, experimentation and the desire to explore the channel’s business value is certainly on the rise. Internal communicators are recognizing that video can support, and in some cases prove to be a more empowering alternative to, traditional communication channels. Furthermore, the survey data shows that they’re increasingly willing to allocate more resources to prove it.

Change needs to be communicated effectively, but should be fun, that’s our philosophy. We deliver change management videos using presenters, animation or full dramatisation and can make even the most complex subject accessible and engaging.

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Unilever - Financial Shared Services
Social Care & Housing Film
CIPR Teaser
talking heads showreel
Connect Catering Ethos
Q&A Audit Commission
Brent Council CEO Induction Film
HIV healthcare dramatisation

For more information, please contact Andrew Herring: andrew.herring@mediapool.co.uk


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