Connect Catering - short film
Developers - Why Choose Peverel? Promo
spacelabs - pathfinderSL promo
HIV healthcare dramatisation
DLR Documentary:  Our Story of the Games
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ASCO Chicago Montage

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marketing films & commercials

'slice of life' film crewStorytelling has always been the core element of mediapool’s films and commercials, and storytelling is what most marketing strategies have always aimed for. But now a new ‘sugar rush’ trend has come into focus; brands are embracing social media. Image-driven networks such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, have made a compelling visual impact on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Mediapool, having embraced this new style of filmmaking, now helps organisations to increase their visibility on these social media sites.

commercials film crewUsing experienced commercials directors, Mediapool will help your brand benefit from the power of viral videos, animation and infographics. We will help guide your organisation towards the kind of compelling content that works best for telling a visual story that ‘packs a punch’.

commercials film crewSome of our commercials directors specialise in ‘slice of life’ (real people with real stories), while others are masters of the ‘tabletop’ commercial, dealing mainly with the close-ups of products such as foods or technology. Our directors tell the actors & crew what to do, how to do it and, best of all, get to yell ‘Action!’.

So, if you need to raise the profile of an upcoming event, create a viral for a campaign or even capture the musings of an endorsing celebrity, we can help.

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The Man From Peverel
DLR: The Games Legacy
Organ Recovery Systems Booth Promo
My Life in Hillingdon
Peverel Retirement Living
Short Films
WRAP Recycling Advice
Pharma - ECCO Stockholm Montage

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CarelineUK - Carole's Story
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spacelabs - pathfinderSL promo
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