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There are two different forms of digital marketing that public relations agencies use all the time, pull and push. Having worked in the public relations sector for over 10 years, Mediapool can help deliver both your pull and push digital media, whether it be a viral video or a multimedia news release.

With pull digital marketing, the consumer actively seeks the marketing content. Websites, blogs and streaming media are examples of pull digital marketing and all benefit from the inclusion of short viral videos or talking heads.

On the other hand, push digital marketing sends out a message using channels such as TV commercials, website display advertising and news. Push technologies can deliver content like Multi Media News Releases (MMNRs) as they become available. These releases can be better targeted to consumer demographics.

The good news is that significant technology developments and associated economies of scale have made the power of the MMNR accessible to smaller organisations. Using the medium of international television news, your video or B-Roll footage can be made available to broadcast journalists across the world and increase your content’s reach.

Mediapool works with some of the most well respected television news correspondents in the industry. Using their knowledge and contacts, we can produce MMNRs and B-Rolls for use in public relations that are more likely to be used by the major broadcasters.

Media Relations
Alerting journalists and news correspondents to the distribution of your MMNR is crucial to its successful coverage. Our multilingual team has contacts in broadcast newsrooms across Europe and the rest of the World. This enables us to quickly target and release stories for maximum impact.

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