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Filming live events requires careful planning and adaptability. Whether you are covering a product launch, conference, symposium, Q&A panel or even a live surgical procedure, there are a lot of things to consider. Mediapool will help plan coverage of your live events and deliver the following key elements for a successful broadcast:

Scoping the Venue
Planning is everything. Mediapool’s dedicated live events producer will allow time to recce the venue and liaise with the relevant technical staff in the period leading up to the event. We will scope out the best places to film, take important performance notes and learn the layout of the venue.

Live Broadcasting
mediapool live events, satellite broadcasts and OB Once all filming aspects of the live event coverage have been settled, we will then plan the best route for the live broadcast. This could be as simple as gaining internet access for a webcast or as complicated as cabling up an outside broadcast truck and finding “line of sight” to the nearest communications satellite. When organising a live satellite broadcast, we will also plan out the route of the signal from source to destination anywhere around the globe.

It is very difficult to effectively cover a live event with just one camera…it really is annoying when you want the reaction of an audience member, mediapool multi-camera, vision mixing but your single camera has to keep pointing at the stage! Two or three cameras, on the other hand, will do the job very effectively making sure you never miss a thing. In addition to this, our in-house vison mixing desk is equipped with talk-back. This means our on-the-day director can communicate immediately with every one of our camera operators so they know what and when they are filming.

On the Day
Timings are crucial. We will make sure all of our team knows when everything is taking place and have a set list, programme or script nearby at all times. During the event, we always keep fully up to date on the smallest of details, from where the crowd are exiting to where performers and special guests are entering. This allows us to stay on top of every aspect of the live event. Schedule changes and spontaneous events will no doubt crop up throughout the shoot and we will do our best to anticipate for these changes and have people ready to cover them.

Filming with Subtlety
mediapool live events, conferences, symposiums and product launches When we are filming, all our crew strive to be as subtle and unobtrusive as possible. They will dress in dark clothes, keep out of the audience’s sight and be quick to capture footage when the need arises. When the crew are on filming offstage they will make use of key vantage points where we can get great shots without blocking anyone’s view. If interviews or vox-pops are required, we film the contributors in either a quiet corner or another adjacent room.

Once the event is over, we can offer you an on-demand webcast or an edited “highlights” package on DVD. For added value in these post-event packages, we can include additional graphics and even a voiceover if required.

For more information about our live events service, please contact Andrew Herring:


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