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Live Satellite Broadcasts are a highly effective and efficient means of gaining far reaching exposure for an organisation. They can originate from virtually any location and typically involves a two to four camera shoot of a an interview or panel discussion and can last from five minutes to three hours. The average LSB is one hour in length and includes an option for instant messaging if a Question & Answer session is required. The broadcasts are normally one-way video and can be two-way audio.

Benefits to Clients
The client does not have to move to different locations in order to receive international exposure. All the exposure will be unique on location as live interviews are conducted.

Consistent – everyone gets the same message and hears the same answer.
Simultaneous – the message reaches any number of sites at the same moment.
Saves executive time – senior managers need to spend less time travelling when their productivity is reduced.
High profile – most audiences perceive a company using Satellite Media Tours to be progressive, modern and accessible.

Finally the value of having your CEO or Finance Director on camera must be considered. If unsure, Mediapool can provide media training.

It is difficult to put an exact cost on any one event, but you can expect a range from £20,000 to £80,000 depending on number of locations and length of broadcast.

For more information, please contact Andrew Herring: andrew.herring@mediapool.co.uk

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