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Aug. 19th | Posted by 0 comments

2012 olympics opening night

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London 2012, the night of the Olympics opening ceremony…and, what an incredible night!   As part of a documentary shoot over the entire Games period, we were there with two crews filming for Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

DLR were one of the main transport service providers during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and they wanted to capture their involvement on film. There was a lot of tension over whether the transport infrastructure would stand up to the huge influx of passengers for this, the first large test of the Games period. All around the World, transport organisations were looking on, waiting to see how London coped. No one needed worry though, as everything worked flawlessly and passengers were impressed with how smoothly their journeys went.

As well as filming DLR staff interviews, our task was to capture the atmosphere, the size of the crowds, passenger reactions and, of course, the amazing firework display! The three minute clip above, is from the longer documentary and focuses on what happened during the opening night.

We had one main crew filming on Stratford Station capturing interviews with DLR’s travel ambassadors, vox pops from passengers and general shots of the throngs of spectators. Another crew were inside the Olympic Park itself filming a time-lapse of the stadium, the movement of huge crowds and also the firework display. We even managed to capture the great reaction of DLR’s Head of Operations when the first fireworks went off…priceless!

It was an incredibly successful evening all round and anyone who was there will always have a wonderful memory of a truly inspiring night…

dlr: our story of the games To watch the full length documentary and see how DLR coped with busiest day ever on their network, click the thumbnail to the right:

For more information, please contact Andrew Herring:

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