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Motion graphics are visuals that use animation and/or video to create the illusion of motion or rotation. It is usually combined with music for use in multimedia projects.

Mediapool offers a full motion graphics service, tailoring the style of animation to suit your budget and the communication objectives. We take complete charge of your project, including initial product photography and measurements, character design, storyboarding, modelling, lighting, animation and rendering.

2D & 3D animation
We work with some of the top motion graphics artists and 3D animators in the industry, providing first class animation sequences at highly competitive rates. Typical productions include animated diagrams, conference stings, 2D story environments as well as full blown 3D Mode of Action animations.

Elements of a motion graphics project can be animated by various means, depending on the capabilities of the software. These elements may be in the form of art, text, photos, and video clips. The most popular form of animation is keyframing, in which properties of an object can be specified at certain points in time by setting a series of keyframes so that the properties of the object can be automatically altered in the frames between keyframes. You can also use a behaviour system that controls these changes by simulating natural forces without requiring the more rigid but precise keyframing method. Another method involves the use of formulas or scripts, such as the expressions function in Adobe After Effects or the creation of ActionScripts within Adobe Flash.

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