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Live events and online conferences are a significant aspect of our work.
No matter how large or small the event, you can rely on Mediapool’s experienced production teams to deliver the coverage you need.

Using Sky, ITN and Reuters live broadcast professionals, we offer a range of multi-camera solutions to cover events such as conferences, presentations, symposiums and product launches, including:

Multi-camera Webcasts
vision mixing and webcastFor companies with employees or customers spread geographically, it’s no longer a problem if audiences cannot attend a conference or an event in person. If they have access to the Internet, we will bring the event to them.

Our engagement and interactivity tools will help connect to your audience prior, during, and after your event. We can also use these to tools to log all the attendees and present analytics of each individual webcast.

On-the-day Video Packages
on-the-day video packagesOur ITN, BBC and Reuters journalists can produce fast-turn-around video packages to be shown at your event the same day. These packages can be produced similar to a news report, describing key moments during your event and including vox pops from delegates to bolster the story. We can also offer live feeds from our roving reporter to be screened directly to your delegates in the main conference area.

Live Satellite Broadcasting
If you need a live video feed from another location on a big screen, satellite broadcasting is the ideal solution. Whether it is for regular internal comms or international conferences, Mediapool will deliver high quality live links across the world and manage the production process end to end. We have access to a large, flexible outside broadcast fleet able to cover any event – big or small.

satellite truckMost of the fleet are advanced new build HD and 3D outside broadcast units. From 24 camera outside broadcast vans, to compact vehicles, with specialist sound and VT and editing units. Clients include the most prestigious companies – BBC, ITV, Roche, BMI and BSKYB.

Post-Event DVDs
Do you need to cover a confidential presentation or want more control over the distribution of the content?

multi-camera filming Mediapool offers a multi-camera recording solution with post-event editing & synchronisation of any slides used. The package is delivered on one self-contained DVD that can be played on a household DVD player or computer.

You will be surprised how affordable live events, webcasting and satellite broadcasting has become.

For more information, please contact Andrew Herring: andrew.herring@mediapool.co.uk


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