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Aerial filming is one of the most challenging types of shoot there is. Not only are you relying on the camera-operator to get the best shots, you are also trusting the pilot to give you the desired movement from the aircraft…and, more importantly, to keep you safe!

mediapool - aerial filming helicopterAs you will see from the video above, most of our aerial filming is done from helicopters fitted with gyroscopic cameras. Sometimes you will need to film from a fixed wing aircraft, especially if you are shooting a fast moving object.

Aerials over London are a bit more tricky than other non-city shoots. In the Capital’s airspace, you need to plan your flight path meticulously and stay out of the active areas of all London airports. Also, you have to maintain a minimum altitude of 1500 feet, unless you are over the river where you can descend a little lower.

A word of warning though…it’s not recommended for those directors who suffer from sea-sickness. Even from a high altitude, the gyroscopic camera maintains a very steady image and this, coupled with the movement of the helicopter, can make you feel as if you’re on a very rough sea!

It’s definitely all worth it in the end, as the views and the feeling of exhilaration are second to none. And when the shoot is over, it’s always extremely satisfying when you’re back in the edit suite, reviewing your very exciting rushes!

For more information about our aerial filming service, please contact Andrew Herring: andrew.herring@mediapool.co.uk

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