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Anyone can create a talking head video and upload it to their blog or YouTube. But so many of the amateur videos out there can be boring, with viewers switching off after a few seconds.

So how do you create a really great talking head video?

filming a talking headThe trick is to make a video clip that is not only inspiring and entertaining, but also interesting to watch. This can be achieved with a lot of good filmmaking techniques, a confident contributor and, with a professional video producer on board, a lot of detailed planning.

One tip for all talking heads contributors…don’t stare at the camera like a stunned animal caught in the headlights! Allow your eyes to move naturally, the way you would if you were talking to someone face to face. Use eye movement to give rhythm to your speech and don’t be afraid to use facial expressions…but, be careful, you don’t want to start gurning at the camera!

Most importantly for a contributor, use your voice creatively. Don’t speak in a monotone that’s guaranteed to make the subject matter boring and dull. Change the volume according to where the emphasis is in your script. Slow down when talking about important things, and speed up when the content is not so important.

mediapool film crewAs for the producer, well, we want to nail down your key messages and objectives for the video as soon as possible. This is always done well in advance of recording the interview. During this process, we’ll help you structure a series of relevant replies and guide you into forming concise sound-bites. This is a ‘must’ in order to keep the clips as tight and engaging as possible.

Finally, we take great care over where the talking head is filmed. Always look for an interesting location or even think about using animation to enliven the topic. Keeping your film visually stimulating will help retain its audience.

For more information, please contact Andrew Herring: andrew.herring@mediapool.co.uk

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